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Diwali 2016 or Deepavali is a celebration of delight and success, and a festival of the triumph of good over wickedness. This is the tale of Ram and Ravan. A history story identified with diwali celebration.

Deepavali is a Sanskrit word. Deepa meaning light and Avali meaning arrays. It can be inferred that Deepavali is a celebration comprising of an array of lights. Thousands of years back, in the city of Ayodhya, there was a savvy and great king named Dasaratha who administered alongside his three queens and four sons.The eldest, Lord Ram and his wonderful spouse , Sita, lived cheerfully alongside with his other sovereign siblings and their wives. In any case, one of King Dasaratha's spouses was envious of Ram and requested that he be ousted to the forest for a long time fourteen years so that her prince, Bharat, be made king…Having once guaranteed his loving wife to satisfy any desire of hers, the vulnerable ruler banished Ram to the forest. Thus Ram set off by walking joined by his adoring spouse Sita, and faithful younger brother, Lakshman. A couple of years into their outcast, a demoness named Surpanakha saw Ram and succumbed  to his looks. She requested that Ram wed her. Ram declined and requested her to go to his sibling Lakshman. Be that as it may, Lakshman additionally won't. Chafed, Surpanakha demonstrated her actual frame and Lakshman went out and cut off her nose and one ear.The demon king of Lanka , Ravan went to her crying sibling Surpanakha for losing her nose and one ear. Ravan was enraged and swore exact retribution. With the assistance of another evil presence who appeared as a brilliant deer, he diverted Ram and Lakshman and kidnapped Sita from their cottage. Whenever Ram and Lakshman returned, they saw loving wife Sita was absent!!! They understood that something terrible had happened while they were gone and as soon as they rushed to find Sita. (ALSO CHECK VIDEO: happy diwali video clips free download, diwali videos for whatsapp)On their way, they went over a multitude of monkeys and bears that consented to help them. Among them was a monkey named Hanuman who had once promised to be at Ram's administration. Hanuman was no normal monkey. Hanuman is God. He could fly over mountains and also had strength. He had the ability to jump crosswise over sea in a solitary walk. So clearly, he wound up being Ram's most grounded partner. (ALSO CHECK VIDEO: diwali funny videos, diwali videos for kids) Hanuman with other armed of monkeys, bears and men walked to Lanka for fighting with Ravan. The fight was amongst Ram and Ravan day by day, year by year. Lord Ram gave Ravan one final opportunity to apologize and return wife Sita. Ram succeeds in killing asura and the demon king and the ideal Royal Couple of Ram, Sita is finally reunited. Lord Rama and wife Sita and brother Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years. The people of Capital Ayodhya were very happy to hear of their beloved prince's homecoming. The people welcome true King Ram as well as celebrate his victory over evil Ravan and also the safe return of their Queen Sita.To celebrate Rama's return to Capital Ayodhya, they lit up their houses with burst crackers , earthen lamps, diyas, enriched the whole city in the most fantastic way. (ALSO CHECK VIDEO: diwali video clips for children)The festival of lights gets its name Diwali, or Deepawali that men and women of Ayodhya lit to welcome their King. Also in different states of india, people worship Lord Ram by observing the festivities every year till this today. Now markets are full of items needed for Diwali Festival. The people buy sweet, earthen lamps, diwali crackers gift box etc.
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